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The most important rules for buying real estate in Switzerland by non-Swiss citizen:

Did you know:

that you as a non-Swiss citizen not just can go to Switzerland and just live there?

that you as a foreigner also not just can buy a holiday home in Switzerland?

that the number of permits for selling holiday homes to foreigners is limited to around 1,500 per year?

that no new permit for the sale of ah holiday home to foreigner if another foreigner already owns the house?

that every community can make its own rules that have a direct impact on the buying and selling of holiday homes within that community?

that Switzerland does not know something like a preliminary contract?

that a foreigner can own a maximum of only 1,000 m² of land area and only 200 m² of floor area?

that a Swiss contract does not have any articles about not being able to secure a mortgage or having a professional inspector check the property?

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