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To make the right choice for Swiss real estate we recommend to check your personal priorities with the below checklist.

1. Holiday or second home or primary home

The decision if your Swiss house will be your primary or secondary home is very important as there are different matters to think about, like shops, schools, hospitals, doctors, culture and airports.

2. Language

In Switzerland people speak four different languages, based on the region. In tourist and ski areas German and French are common, in Tessin Italian. Of course you need to feel comfortable with the language or languages spoken in the area where your house is.

3. Winter or summer

Yes, both seasons are nice, but which is the most important for you?

4. Ski area

High end, sports like or Family focused?

5. Village and area

Do you like a quiet small village where shops are at walking distance or do you want to be more remote enjoying nature? And should everything be at a small drive away?

6. Chalet, apartment or house

For temporary stay a Swiss chalet may be the perfect choice for you. Of course this comes with things like maintenance of your garden. For short stay like only a few weeks of course an apartment might be a better choice as maintenance would be much less than with a more normal house.

7. Rooms

The size of your family would of course define how many rooms you would prefer. Additional guest rooms would normally only be used shortly and you would have to decide if the additional cost of around CHF 50,000.00 per extra bedroom would be valuable for you.

8. Garage

An additional investment of around CHF 30,000.00 - 50,000.00 would be especially useful in the winter season. If you only stay for a few weeks of course you would need to decide if a garage is a worthwhile investment. Chalets often have their own parking.

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